Sunday, July 6, 2008

A Vacation after Six Months of Work

Actually it was more like seven months since we had a vacation. But all this work and sacrifice is at the core of "working towards paradise". This trip with Cheri, Chynna and Claire was to an all inclusive 4-star resort called Iberostar Quetzal, it is located next to it's mirror image resort twin the Iberostar Toucan. At least this time we dodged the high pressure time share sales pitch.

The best thing about this resort was the unique way that it seemed to blend into the jungle, almost in harmony with it's natural setting. Although the flora and fauna were enhanced, it seemed very believable. There were plenty of peacocks and monkeys. Almost every day we would hear and see both. In addition to spider monkeys, there were plenty of large howler monkeys with their deep, gutteral vocalizations. The peacocks woke me up early every day.

Sailing on the small Hobie catamarans was my favorite activity. The girls really enjoyed this more than they thought they would. Except maybe when I had to drop them off near Xcaret and have them walk back a couple of miles. A storm was blowing in fast and I could not get the vessel to point towards our resort, (North). I could go out to sea, but with lightning and high winds, I felt much better knowing they were safe on land. Then it was just the old man and the sea.

Well enough of my blabbing about this, here are the photos... and remember you can click on any of the photos or slide shows and go to the web albums. Also I have included some links on the left side of the page as an easy way to navigate to some of my other blogs. Please leave comments when you can....

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