Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Today's topic is "Energy"

Energy can be defined in many ways, like the fuel we put in our cars (or boats), the electricity that we use to turn on the tele and lights, but the most precious energy type of all is the energy that is within us. The fact is that we all lose some drive, stamina and motivation for things as we age. For those of you that have already passed the 40 year mark in life, I am sure you will relate to this.
Yesterday, I was watching Oprah and her co-host Dr. Oz on the tele, and the whole show was dedicated to showing us how to live healthier and longer lives. Well, I am not sure that I want to live to be 125, but I certainly want, in fact I need the energy that I had just a decade ago.
So today, Cheri and I took our first baby steps to regain some of the energy that we have lost. Perhaps I should say, we are trying to get it back. Waking at 05:30 as usual, but starting off with a nice walk was literally and figuratively our first steps. Then we went to Gloria's Good Health and loaded up on some new vitamin supplements. We have set some achievable goals for some manual labor projects to get the townhouse ready to sell. All of these baby steps are significant because they are the beginning of a real big journey, a life's journey of self realization that I will do my best to document on these very pages. My commitment is to myself, to write about what I learn as I forge into the unknown and follow my heart towards living my dreams.
The commitment to making this blog a real blog is significant for several reasons:
1) By writing my thoughts down daily I can remain focused
2) By focusing in on the obstacles that lie in the way of my life goal, I can find ways to surmount or circumvent them
3) By chronologically keeping a record of the challenges we face, how we face them, and the reward of following your dreams- This will allow others to benefit from our efforts, both in successes and failures.

As Aristotle said " Wise men profit from the mistakes of others, Fools scarcely from their own"

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