Monday, December 14, 2009

Los Cabo is calling me

I find myself researching Baja California Sur more often these days. After going there last month with Cheri for our 19th Luna de Miel (Honeymoon), we have both fallen in love with the area. In fact we are going back on Christmas day, ( a little more than a month since we first experienced the area, and less than a month since we left.)

Here is a snippet from a blog about buying lots to build on in Loreto or La Paz.

It is impossible to starve in Mexico.

I think food is more important to Mexicans that most anything else. There is food being sold everywhere in Loreto and La Paz, in the entirety of Baja, Mexico actually: on corners, in road side huts, on beaches, in front of houses, oh yea, then there are restaurants. Restaurants large and small are everywhere. I am going to guess, but I think that one out of five businesses in the Baja is a food establishment of some kind. Learn to eat tortillas with everything. Mix up the food on your plate. Use a tortilla frequently to scoop up different combinations of the food on your plate or in your bowl, including soups. Get used to letting the food on your plate "touch" each other. Take a "robust" attitude toward food. Be different than you are in the USA. Get in the moment. Wear sandals. Saunter when you walk. Wear old jeans. Open the buttons on the front of your shirt, show some belly. Smile at everyone. Say "hola" alot. There, that's the ticket. Now, you are ready for the Baja.

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